DirecTV Serial Control Utility

DirecTV Serial Control Utility

If your receiver has a modular low speed data or home control jack like this, you need a  modular 4P4C adaptor.

Modular 4P4C adaptor. Available with serial extention cable or USB to serial cable.
Adaptor with 10 foot serial cable $20.00 each + $5.00 shipping
Please allow 1 week for delivery.

Modular 4P4C adapter wiring
DE9F Modular 4P4C Wire Color
5 1 Black
2 2 Red
3 4 Yellow

If your DirecTV receiver has a 9 pin low speed data port, a common serial extention cable can be used to connect it to your PC.

Receivers with a 15 pin wide band data port require an adapter available from (Page 2, "Serial Cable Adaptor).

Wide band data port adapter wiring
5 13
2 14
3 6

If you want a custom cable rather than using an adapter, use the information below.

Cable Wiring
Computer TiVo DirecTV Receiver
DE9F DB25F Sig 3.5 mm Sig Sig DE9M DA15M Modular 4P4C
5 7 Gnd Sleeve Gnd Gnd 5 13 1
2 3 RxD Ring RxD TxD 2 14 2
3 2 TxD Tip TxD RxD 3 6 4

The modular connector is the narrow variant used on telephone handset cords. Each end of a handset cord is wired opposite the other, both schemes are shown in the table above.

D subminature connector designations
shell = (smallest to largest) E,A,B,C,D
pins = (typical) 9,15,25,37,50
gender = M (male) or F (female)

Designation Common use
DE9 Serial (RS-232), CGA, EGA
DA15 Game controller, Ethernet AUI
DB25 Serial (RS-232), Parallel printer, SCSI (Apple)
DC37 External floppy

Modular connector designations


poles = (aka positions) 4,6,8,10
conductors = 2,4,6,8,10

Designation Common use
4P4C Telephone handset, DirecTV serial port
6P2C Single telephone line
6P4C Two telephone lines
8P8C Twisted pair Ethernet, Serial (RS-232) port without CD, RI
10P10C Serial (RS-232) port

RJ series numbers are telephone service specifications, not connector designations! There is no RJ spec for a 4P4C connector.

Specification Connector Use
RJ11 6P2C Single T/R line
RJ12 6P4C Single T/R line with A/A1 lamp control
RJ14 6P4C Two independent T/R lines
RJ25 6P6C Three independent T/R lines
RJ31 8P8C Single T/R line in/out for alarm dialers
RJ45 8P8C 2 wire data line (T1, etc) with programming resistor
RJ48 8P8C Two T/R lines
RJ61 8P8C Four T/R lines

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